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 With our sophisticated and architecturally appealing custom ventilation components and holistic air conditioning solutions we have established an excellent reputation throughout the world. Our maxim: The customer is king.


News 02.11.2020 SWegon continues to grow through the acquisition of SLT Schanze Lufttechnik

Swegon continues to grow through the acquisition of SLT Schanze Lufttechnik. SLT is a highly competent supplier of diffusers in Germany with the engineering capability to provide complex and customized solutions for its customers. ...

01.09.2020 UV-C AIR CLEANER

The air sterilizer from SLT offers an effective solution for elemination of airborne viruses.

01.08.2019 Microsoft Neubau MK8 | München

In addition to extensive contingents of our VZ-15, VZ-41 and RBF slot diffuser, in addtion to our VZ-AR tube diffuser units, we were able to design and supply room air conditioning systems for podium installation

01.07.2019 Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

For the prestigious Frankfurt School of Finance & Management in Frankfurt, we delivered individually designed ...

01.06.2019 DZNE | Deutsches Zentrum für Neurodegenerative Erkrankungen | Bonn

For this special application in the DZNE, Bonn, we have developed and delivered unique tube diffuser systems on a very large scale ...

01.04.2019 Laborgebäude CECAD | Cologne

Over a long development period we specifically designed and supplied ventilation components, such as Tube systems for laboratory use in various diameters ...

01.02.2019 OFFICE BUILDING, Neue Mainzer Straße, 14-18 | FRANKFURT AM MAIN

SLT has developed a unique design for ceiling induction units, adapting the DIAF and DIA-HF in large quantities for the refurbishment of an office building on the Neue Mainzer Strasse in Frankfurt, air conditioning several floors, serving a total of approx. 8,000 m² of office space.

28.06.2017 RESIDENTIAL Complex IN SHANGHAI SLT Schanze Lufttechnik GmbH & Co. KG has been able to supply several hundred meters of DSM-42S stainless steel structures for the state-of-the-art residential complex "CEG Schwarzwald Projekt" in... 25.04.2017 Flowing smoothly

For the imposing Hayda Aliyev Culture Center in Baku, Azerbaijan, with its impressive architecture consisting of mostly fluent structures SLT Schanz Lufttechnik has delivered more than one thousand meters of DSM stainless steel structures of the type 42S in differing widths.

25.04.2017 Five floors of fitness with pool

An exclusive five-floor fitness center in Cologne that offers high-quality equipment and modern training devices. And healthy air, too!


25.04.2017 Beastly good air conditioning

SLT Schanze Lufttechnik has delivered individually designed ceiling induction diffusers of the type DIA-HF and DIA4 as well as additional diffusers for the new multi-purpose building for the German Primate Center (DPZ).

Fresh air at its very best

Different air diffusers, nozzles and elements for management, guiding and monitoring of supply and exhaust air are part of the standard product range of SLT Schanze Lufttechnik GmbH & Co. KG. They are the foundation of individual solutions and premium-quality designs.

Air flow laboratory Air flow laboratory

We offer the service of air flow experiments – room flow experiments, CFD-simulations amongst others – in our own research and development facility. The 12 m seamlessly adjustable ceiling is virtually unique in Germany and allows for experiments at a scale of 1:1.

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