FFD rigid floor diffuser

FFD is a floor diffuser that is used especially often in the telecommunication space, computer centers or similar rooms in order to achieve proficient ventilation of the floor area. The diffusers provide air in such a way that a stable temperature can be achieved rapidly. Thus the FFD can be used effectively to cool and ventilate technical devices or other machines that stand on the floor. The diffuser is supposed to be installed directly into a pressurized floor void but can also be connected via an optional plenum box.



Product Floor diffuser with dirt trap Finish The diffuser consists of mechanically durable plastic (max. load of the diffuser is 550 kg), not burnable and complies with the fire safety regulations Flow rate 55 m³/h - 175 m³/h Sizes 200

Function and effect

The diffuser is suitable for flow rates of 55 m³/h to 175 m³/h. The maximum difference in temperature between room and supply air should not be higher than 10 K. Depending on this difference in temperature, the air flows out more or less bell-shaped, which allows for intensive mixing with the room air. Differences in velocity and temperature are mitigated in no time.


Accessories and optional finishes



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