WAL ventilation grille

WALN/-M/-G/-J are ventilation grilles with fixed blades for supply and exhaust air, which are well suited for duct, wall and window sill mounting. They offer a wide range of options for meeting various ventilation and architectural requirements. You can choose between a straight blade and a 15° angled blade.




Product Ventilation grille Finish Frame and blades made of aluminium, naturally anodized (E6-EV1) Flow rate As requested Sizes Item length max. 3600 mm

Function and EFFECT

The free cross-section of the WALG/-J series is around 74% (blade pitch 12.5 mm, blade thickness 3 mm). While the cross-section of the WALN/-M series is around 49% (blade pitch 12.5 mm, blade thickness 6 mm), the air jet direction is influenced by the shape of the blade.




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