TNSD/TNDD Round duct grille

The TNSD/TNDD is a round duct grille usable for both supply as well as exhaust air. It consists of a blind frame with vertically arranged (to the tube axis) individually adjustable air guiding blades with continuous axis ends. The model TNDD is equipped with a second blade row that simultaneously functions as steering. The grilles are designed for tube diameters of 150 mm to 2000 mm.



Product Round duct grille Finish Frame and blades made of steel sheet, coated in white (RAL 9010) Flow rate 50 m³/h - 5600 m³/h Sizes 225 x 75 to 1225 x 425


Function and effect

The grille TN is used in pipe systems and servers as a single diffuser. The aerodynamic form of the blades and their installation with blind frame enable a vibration-free and quiet operation. The adjustability of the blade makes different jet forms (from concentric to diffuse) and therefore different throw ranges possible.


Accessories and optional finishes


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