USG sound-absorbing transfer air grille

The sound-absorbing grille USG was designed specifically for preventing the transmission of sound, especially speech, between doors or partitions. The grille is suited for usage as a return air or transfer air grille. The grille consists of extruded aluminium profiles lined with micro-acoustic material on the inside. Screws are attached through the frame (USG-40 with patented screws).



Product Sound-absorbing transfer air grille Finish Extruded aluminium profile, naturally anodized, custom finish in RAL-Color of your choice Flow rate 70 m³/h - 1500 m³/h Sizes 325 mm x 125 mm to 1025 mm x 1005 mm


Function and effect

The interior flow path as well as the lining of highly effective absorption material ensure an optimal sound-absorption at minimal build depths.



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