AKK-TIE chilled beam unit for expanding an SLT tube diffuser-system

The AKK-TIE chilled beam unit consists of two halves that are mounted via bayonet suspension around a VZ-AR tube diffuser. Each side is equipped with two heat exchanger rows and thusly enables comfortable air conditioning in a laboratory or other settings with a high cooling load. The energetic advantages of water as a medium for load removal and the fluidic support for the draft-free introduction of supply air with lower temperatures are being used optimally.



Product Cooling beam unit for expanding an SLT tube diffuse-system Description The attachable cooling beam consists of two half-shells for optimizing the tube diffuse-systems at high cooling loads Primary air Depends on the size of the VZ-AR Sizes Length: 1500 mm, width: 629 mm, height: 391 mm


Function and effect

The room is supplied with centrally purified air (primary air). The used supply air flows through the lower heat exchanger row. The upper heat exchanger bank is equipped with a battery of axial fans which are continuously adjustable. This enhances the area of effect greatly.


Accessories and optional finishes

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