AKK-TIE Chilled beam unit for retrofitting to SLT round tube outlet systems

The AKK-TIE chilled beam unit consists of two halves, which are mounted as half-shells using a bayonet mount around a round tube outlet from the VZ-AR series. Each side is equipped with a row of heat exchangers and enables comfortable recirculation air conditioning of laboratories or other facilities that have a high heat load. The energetic advantages of water as a medium for load dissipation and the aerodynamic support for the draught-free introduction of supply air at low temperatures are used optimally.



Product Cooling beam unit for expanding an SLT tube diffuse-system Finish Finned tube heat exchanger made of copper pipe with pressed-on aluminum fins, front perforated sheet metal paneling, frame construction and suspension made of galvanized steel thin sheet with integrated condensate tray made of stainless steel - coated on all sides in matt black, front perforated sheet metal paneling in RAL 9006. The system optionally has condensate pumps. Primary air Depends on the size of the VZ-AR Sizes Length: 1500 mm, width: 697 mm, height: 488 mm


Function and effect

The room is supplied with centrally treated outside air (primary air) through the round tube outlet, type VZ-AR. The heat exchangers installed in the upper part are equipped with a series of axial fans that are infinitely variable. This water-based cooling function in recirculation mode ensures effective cooling. Optionally, the outside air, which flows through the n-slot pipe outlet, can be post-cooled using a second row of heat exchangers.


Accessories and optional finishes

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