BIA-ID floor induction diffuser

The BIA-ID floor induction diffuser generates a mixed/low velocity flow for cooling or heating of comfort rooms such as offices and conference rooms, especially with room-high glazing with the associated cooling or heating loads. Installation takes place in double or cavity floors. It is set up on the unfinished floor using adjustable feet and forms one level with the double floor.



Product floor induction diffuser Finish the housing consists of Sendzimir galvanized sheet metal, visible parts are coated black on both sides. Convector made of round copper tubes with black coated aluminum fins with ventilation. Cover grille and grille frame made of aluminium, naturally anodised. Air volume depending on size Sizes variable: L x W x H = 600 - 200 mm x 340 - 405 mm x 200 mm



The centrally prepared supply air is supplied via a connecting duct into the pressure box of the induction device. Then the primary air is proceesed via an induction-optimized nozzle plate below of the heat exchanger into the  into the floor system in form of individual jets. Due to the resulting negative pressure secondary room air is sinked through the blades of the heat exchanger and conditioned accordingly. The volume of the secondary air is a multiple of the contributed primary air amount.



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