DIA-HOTEL induction diffuser for use in the hotel sector

The DIA-HOTEL is connected to the central supply air system as well as the central cooling/heating water system. The supply air flows through induction nozzles within the device. Due to the inductive effect the room air gets sucked into the lower return air grille. The induced room air is tempered by the heat exchanger and then back into the room through the front grille with the supply air. The system is available as a 2-conducter system for cooling as well as heating via “change-over operation”. Cooling or heating each room independently of other rooms at any time is possible with the 4-conducter system. The device is available in four different sizes with a horizontal heat exchanger (600-1200).



Product Induction diffuser for use in hotels Finish Air duct and plenum box made of galvanized steel sheet. Frame and front panel as well as supply and exhaust air grilles made of powder-coated steel in white (RAL 9003/30%), or RAL-color of your choice. Heat exchanger made of copper pipes with pressed on aluminium blades. Supply air spigot is equipped with a rubber lip seal and a metal probe. Sizes L 600 mm – 1200 mm, W 550 mm, H 240 mm Primary air up to 126 m³/h Power output up to 1300 W (50 – 150 Pa)


Function and effect

The DIA-HOTEL is a modern alternative to classic fan coil units. The induction device cools, heats and distributes supply air evenly throughout the ceiling without making irritating noises. There are no movable parts or fans build into the device. The inductive effect is activated by the introduced supply air. Mounting is usually done flush in the ceiling but can also be done as an enclosed device freely suspended. The energy advantages of water as a transport medium combined with optimized air discharge and ceiling flow characteristics are used to full extent.


Accessories and optional finishes

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