HIG hall induction device

The hall induction device HIG is a ventilation device for heating and cooling of large exhibition and production halls with simultaneous cooling or heating of room air using a heat exchanger. The hall induction device is suited for room heights of 7 – 26 m. By means of an electric adjustment mechanism at the exhaust flaps, a precise air flow from horizontal to vertical is guaranteed. The device is especially well suited for alleviating high cooling and heating loads.



Product Hall induction device Finish Casing and spigot made of galvanized steel sheet Primary air up to 2580 m³/h Sizes L: 2550 mm, W: 570 mm, H: 1400 mm Power output up to 30 kW


Function and effect

The primary air flows through both spigots into the pressure chamber of the device and is then discharged vertically down through special nozzles. The resulting vacuum induces room air that is cooled/ heated by heat exchangers. The cooled/ heated secondary air then mixes with the primary air and flows through the linear discharge blades into the room. Jet direction can be adjusted through the motor-driven blades.


Accessories and optional finishes

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