STG fan controller

The STG fan controllers are designed for controlling the fan speed of compact fans used in multiple SLT products. Some of those products are for example the chilled beam for floor and wall mounting as well as the chilled beam unit for expanding an SLT tube diffuser system. The fan controllers are available as the STG-27 and STG-38 model. STG-27: fan speed control of fans with AC motors with a supply voltage of 220 VAC. STG-38: fan speed control of fans with DC-PWM-fans with a supply voltage of 12 VDC or 24 VDC.



Product Fan controller Finish STG-38, STG-22


Function and effect

STG-27: The fan controller includes a complete Mini-PLC (miniature programmable logic controller) with graphical programmability via a Windows PC via USB. The integrated mini-PLC has a total of five digital and analog inputs, four universal outputs and a PWM output. Customer specific and application-specific progams can be created using the miCon-L graphical programming software.

STG-38: the fan controller STG-38 is equipped with a complete Mini-SPS (miniature programmable controller) that is graphically programmable on PC via USB. As a result customer specific programs for fan controlling can be created. The STG-38’s key features are as follows:


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