BQA Floor displacement outlet

Floor displacement outlet (BQA) for introducing treated supply air into the living area of ​​comfort rooms with raised or cavity floors according to the mixed/displacement air principle. It is set up on the unfinished floor using adjustable feet and forms one level with the double floor.



PRODUCT floor displacement diffuser FINISH • Casing made of galvanized sheet steel, visible Parts coated in black • Plastic scoop elements, black • Aluminum grating, naturally anodized FLOW RATE variable SIZE L: 600 - 2000; B: 150 - 390; H: 150 - 390



The treated supply air is fed to the floor duct of the displacement air outlet via connection pieces.
Equalization takes place via an integrated level with inserted, adjustable scooping elements the air flow over the entire outlet area. When cooling, the cold supply air that is brought in flows vertically as mixed/displacement air into the room near the facade. By mixing with the room air forms an air flow with low vertical temperature gradient and moderate velocities out of. In the following, the mixed air flows close to the floor into the room according to the principle of displacement flow and heats up at the existing loads / heat sources such as e.g. B. people or electrical Devices. As a result, the heated air rises as a displacement flow and is transported
existing pollutants and used air in the direction of exhaust air. Thanks to the adjustable scoop elements
the discharge characteristics can be optionally influenced.



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