DRS Step low velocity diffuser

The DRS is a rectangular low velocity diffuser that was developed primarily for the installation into steps and walls. It consists of a perforated front panel with a plate with air guiding elements as well as an assembly frame with an integrated slot slider for regulating air volumes. The DRS can also be operated via plenum box. The front panel is mounted without visible screws by rotating bolts.



Product Step low velocity diffuser Finish Galvanized steel material, coated in black (RAL 9005), air guiding elements made of black plastic Flow rate 50 m³/h - 120 m³/h Sizes 300 x 100

Function and effect

Because of the special construction of the diffuser, the admission flow spreads evenly throughout the perforated front plate. The air guiding elements on the second level behind the front are mounted behind the plate and are individually rotatable for adjusting the airflow. This way the jet geometry as well as the impulse of the airflow is adjustable. As a result it is possible to simply configure the jet to one-sided, two-sided or straight.

The diffuser is suited for the usage in rooms where many diffusers can be placed for an optimal distribution of the supply air. The DRS can especially realize the airflow in the area of steps and staircases.


Accessories and optional finishes

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