QAW Displacement air wall

Insulated displacement air walls are installed in shooting ranges because they create a low-turbulence displacement flow. The primary air supplied is introduced over a large area behind the shooter over the entire wall area. In this way, a so-called plug flow is created, which removes gunshot residue or air contaminated with pollutants without leaving any residue in the direction of the bullet trap. This creates an environment with high air quality for the shooter, even during firing.



PRODUCT Displacement air wall FINISH The outlet is made of galvanized steel material, perforated front coated in white (RAL 9010). The SEV distribution elements are made of black plastic. FLOW RATE variable SIZE variable



Through the interaction of internal SEV distribution elements with the perforated front panel, the air exits evenly over the entire outlet surface. In interaction with the exhaust air, this creates a plug flow that is characterized by a homogeneous speed profile. Inhomogeneous introduction of supply air, for example through optional window cutouts, is compensated by adjusting the SEV elements according to the shortest distance. This means that the required air speeds, for example according to the shooting range guidelines, can be maintained at the relevant positions.



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