NRA adjustable radial flow diffuser

The NRA is a manually adjustable diffuser that can create horizontal radial jets as well as vertical jets. The system consists of a round diffuser body with a spigot for direct installation in an air duct system as well as the interior air guiding and adjusting unit. This air guiding and adjusting unit is a combination of a circular guiding element and a baffle plate arranged in a defined vertical distance. This unit can be moved vertically and locked into place within the diffuser body, making every jet geometry from horizontal or bell-shaped to vertical configurable. The diffuser is especially well suited for usage in shopping malls, sport halls, market halls, multipurpose halls and production halls because high air volumes can be moved easily. Installation can be done flush with ceiling or freely suspended.



Product Adjustable radial flow diffuser Finish Galvanized steel, painted in RAL-color of your choice, spigot with rubber lip seal Flow rate 200 m³/h - 3000 m³/h Sizes 20, 25, 31, 40


Function and effect

The incoming air (through the spigot) hits the air guiding element and the baffle plate, redirecting the airflow in a horizontal direction. If these elements are within the diffuser body, the air gets deflected vertically down. A strong vertical jet occurs. By moving the air guiding and adjusting unit in room direction this effect gets increasingly weaker and when the unit is beneath the diffuser body the effect is negated. A strong horizontal jet with a high throw range occurs. This way defined horizontal and vertical jets can be created. By using intermediate positions it is possible adjusting the throw range to the room size.


Accessories and optional finishes

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