RKY Adjustable radial flow diffuser

The SKH is an adjustable radial flow diffuser with a square front panel with integrated adjustable air guiding elements. The special construction ensures a high air flow at low sound power levels, optionally available as model “according to VDI 6022” as well as the especially decorative model SKH22 (thin blade construction). The front panel is mounted with a central screw (size 800 with additional screws at the edges).



Product Adjustable radial flow diffuser Finish Front panel made of galvanized steel material, coated in white (RAL 9010), air guiding elements made of extruded aluminium profiles, coated in matt black, blade holders made of stainless steel, coated in black Flow rate 100 m³/h - 2000 m³/h Sizes 300, 400, 500, 600/620/625, 800


Function and effect

The air guiding elements are rotatably mounted to the front panel and make variable jet geometry possible, for example a linear one-sided jet, a double-sided linear jet or a vertical jet. Additionally it is possible adapting the jet direction to specific architectural circumstances through adjusting individual air guiding elements. Because of its great performance characteristics the SKH is especially well suited for usage in the industrial as well as the comfort sector.


Accessories and optional finishes

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