CPD Shadow gap slot diffuser

The CDP is a design shadow gap profile for discreetly guiding air in wall-/floor-areas or wall-/ceiling-areas as a so called joint system. The optically almost unnoticeable slot diffuser generates a stable 45° jet of supply air that does not attach to the floor or to the wall. The asymmetrical flow characteristic combined with the upper, optimized flow unit enables this system to provide a stable flow characteristic even at very low temperatures. The floor unit is also equipped with an effective anti-dirt edge. This effect is further enhanced and stabilized by exploiting the Coandă effect within the profile shape.



Product Design shadow gap slot diffuser Finish Plenum box made of galvanized steel material, Joint profiles made of extruded aluminium, by default naturally anodized in E6-EV1 or coated in RAL-color of your choice

Accessories and optional finishes


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