FLS Slot diffuser

The FLS is a one to eight row linear diffuser with a maximum individual length of 3 m. The diffuser is equipped with adjustable air guiding elements that can control the air flow in terms of direction as well velocity.



Product Slot diffuser Finish Profile rails (naturally anodized) and air guiding elements (coated in black) made of extruded aliminium profiles. Plenum box made of galvanized steel material. Flow rate 75 m³/h – 400 m³/h per meter of slot Sizes Variable, depends on area of use; arrangement in one to eight rows possible, max. individual length 3 m.

Function and effect

The cylindrical air guiding elements build into the diffuser can be tilted sideways as well as vertically within the profile rails. With moving the elements, the air jet can be adjusted from left to vertical to right. With a vertical jet at a stable pressure the flow rate can be influenced and at a stable flow rate the jet velocity can be influenced.


Accessories and optional finishes

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