KVR-A constant flow rate controller

The KVR-A is a constant flow rate controller operated without external energy and available in the variants –V (adjustable) and –K (non-adjustable). The air flow controller is designed to be completely incorporated into air ducts or fittings. The range of operation is (depending on size) between 15 and 1000 m³/h at temperatures between -10 and 60°C. The installation is equally possible in horizontal or vertical ducts of supply and exhaust air systems. The control accuracy is +/- 5 m³/h at flow rates of up to 50 m³/h and +/- 10% at flow rates 50 m³/h above the configured nominal flow rate.



Product Constant air flow controller Finish Silicon membrane stored in an ABS plastic body Flow rate 15 - 650 m³/h Sizes 80, 100, 125, 150, 160, 200, 250

Function and effect

The actual control organ is a silicone membrane that is hourglass-shaped when resting. As a result of the differences in pressure in front of and behind the control organ, the membrane inflates and keeps the flow rate in pressure ranges of 50-250 Pa (150-650 Pa with the high pressure variant) at a constant level. With the model –V the configured flow rate can be adjusted retrospectively with no need for tools.


Accessories and optional finishes


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