ABK diffuser unit

Diffuser units are functional air guiding components, which are developed from a combination of multiple similar but also different individual components. Depending on the intended ventilation purpose, installation possibilities in the room, room geometry and the required flow rate, the diffuser units are made in different forms and sizes with integrated diffusers. Usually long throw jet diffusers of the RBL, SD-45, VS-5 oder SF20 series are used, but slot diffusers, ventilation grilles or other designs are also implementable.



Product Diffuser unit Finish Material and surface of the unit as requested, nozzles made of aluminium, brass or stainless steel Flow rate 1500 m³/ - 80000 m³/h per unit Sizes Shape and size depending on the application and the desired volume flow


Function and effect

Diffuser units can be mounted onto pillars, walls or freely suspended. Diffuser units can provide comfortable air conditioning even in very large rooms. This is a big advantage when little space is available for installing air ducts and diffusers.


Accessories and optional finishes

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