ÜDK-KS excess pressure damper

ÜDK-KS is a rectangular excess pressure damper that consists of a surrounding frame with eccentrically arranged, coupled and self-opening blades. The excess pressure damper is suitable for use with supply as well as exhaust air. The blades are equipped with closed ball bearings and plastic stops. The opening resistance can be adjusted to defined values (up to 1000 Pa) with counterweights that are arranged sideways to the damper blades.



Product excess pressure damper Finish Installation frame and blades with plastic stops made of raw aluminium Flow rate depends on size Sizes as requested


Function and effect

During idle state the blades are closed. They only open when an excess pressure is present (adjustable with counterweights). Therefore the excess pressure damper can also be used as a pressure compensation opening between two rooms. A direct connection to an air duct system is not necessary. The blades protrude the frame by 18 mm when fully opened.


Accessories and optional finishes


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