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Field of application Research and Education Client Zimmer & Hälbig GmbH, Bielefeld Planning Office AGN Niederberghaus & Partner GmbH, Ibbenbüren Executive Company Zimmer & Hälbig GmbH, Bielefeld

Highly inductive special VDP systems with high primary induction as well as many other diffuser systems in standard and custom build were delivered for the ENUS replacement construction of the University of Bielefeld.

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Deployed Products


The diffusers KRE (round front panel) and RME (square front panel) are swirl diffusers with rigid, radially arranged air guiding blades and a surrounding frame. The front panel is mounted by a central screw.


The slot diffuser VZ-41 is a linear diffuser with a system width of 41 mm, especially well suited for wall and ceiling mounting. The diffuser is available in single- and multi-slot configurations and is suited for continuous assembly. The slot diffuser consists of extruded aluminium profiles with or without side support as well as rotatably mounted, individually adjustable air guiding elements with rectifier blades and boomerang profiles. The slot diffuser VZ-41 can be used for supply as well as exhaust air (also as a combined supply and exhaust air diffuser with parallel rails) and is especially suited for constant and variable volume flows in rooms with ceiling heights of 2,30 meters to 4,00 meters. The recommended flow rate is between 50 m³/h and 150 m³/h per meter at temperature differences of +4 K to -12 K.


The SKD is an adjustable swirl diffuser with a square (SKD-Q) or a round (SKD-R) front panel with radially arranged, adjustable air guiding elements. The special construction ensures a high air flow at low sound power levels, optionally available as “certified according to VDI 6022” as well as the especially decorative model SKD22 (thin blade finish). The front panel is mounted by a central screw (size 800 with additional screws at the edges).


The VDP series’ diffusers are specialized systems with high primary induction within the plenum box as well as an actuator for various air flow geometries. The main components are the round or square box with an interior cylindrical swirl element, an adjustable control-nozzle and the rounded outlet diffuser. The swirl diffusers can only be controlled with a plenum box. Depending on the technical and architectural circumstances, the VDP is manufactured in many different formats and finishes.

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