Deutsches Primatenzentrum (“German Primate Center”) | Göttingen

Field of application Research and Education Client Suchfort-Anlagenbau GmbH & Co., Göttingen Planning Office AGN Niederberghaus & Partner GmbH, Halle/Saale

SLT Schanze Lufttechnik has delivered individually designed ceiling induction diffusers of the type DIA-HF and DIA4 as well as additional diffusers for the new multi-purpose building for the German Primate Center (DPZ). The main auditorium for up to 250 people and office/ laboratory rooms were equipped with our devices.

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Deployed Products


The slot diffuser VZ-41 is a linear diffuser with a system width of 41 mm, especially well suited for wall and ceiling mounting. The diffuser is available in single- and multi-slot configurations and is suited for continuous assembly. The slot diffuser consists of extruded aluminium profiles with or without side support as well as rotatably mounted, individually adjustable air guiding elements with rectifier blades and boomerang profiles. The slot diffuser VZ-41 can be used for supply as well as exhaust air (also as a combined supply and exhaust air diffuser with parallel rails) and is especially suited for constant and variable volume flows in rooms with ceiling heights of 2,30 meters to 4,00 meters. The recommended flow rate is between 50 m³/h and 150 m³/h per meter at temperature differences of +4 K to -12 K.


The tube diffuser VZ-AR consists of a longitudinally welded jacket tube with lengthwise arranged slots with integrated air guiding nozzles in form of double boomerang profiles with rectifier blades. The possible amount of parallel slot-rows is mainly limited by its dimensioning. The connection of single tube diffusers to a string is accomplished via a spigot with lip seal, alternatively with METU-flanges. The tube diffusers are designed for visible installation and fulfill the highest of architectural and ventilation demands. The exhaust air variant consists of a tube diffuser with a longitudinally welded jacket tube with a round VZ-AR-AL cross section with cross to the longitudinal axis punch-outs. The dimensions of the models are determined depending on the exhaust air volume.


The long throw jet diffuser is suitable for providing cold and warm air at high throw distances and low sound power levels. The throw distance is further enhanced when combining multiple nozzles into groups. Installation can be done in multiple ways.


The ceiling diffuser DIA-HF is designed to ensure comfortable ventilation of rooms with high cooling loads. The energy advantage of water as a transport medium combined with optimized air flow and ceiling flow characteristics are used to best advantage. The shallow case height of the series is equally suitable for low ceilings in new constructions and renovation of existing buildings with an ideal room height range of 2,6 m to 4,0 m. There are two different models of the DIA-HF: model M for lower air volumes and model ML for higher air volumes. Additionally heat exchangers available in power level -1 and -2.


The active chilled beam AKK is a ceiling cooling convector for free and forced convection during operation. It consists of a finned tube heat exchanger with attached axial fans that are surrounded by a closed frame. The unit heat exchanger/ fan can be folded down for cleaning and maintenance purposes. The room-side of the chilled beam is equipped with a veneer made of stainless steel front profiles from the DSM series (optional).


The room is supplied with centrally purified outside air (primary air) via the ceiling induction diffusers. The used outside air flows through the nozzle into the mixing chamber. At the same time room air that flows through the grille and the convector into the mixing chamber is induced. The air flows are mixed and flow as supply air through the special diffuser slots horizontally into the room. Three different lengths and three different nozzle sizes (1 – 3) are available. The visible front panel as well as the side panels are powder-coated. The heat exchangers are available in power levels -1 and -2.

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