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The NRA is a manually adjustable diffuser that can create horizontal radial jets as well as vertical jets. The system consists of a round diffuser body with a spigot for direct installation in an air duct system as well as the interior air guiding and adjusting unit. This air guiding and adjusting unit is a combination of a circular guiding element and a baffle plate arranged in a defined vertical distance. This unit can be moved vertically and locked into place within the diffuser body, making every jet geometry from horizontal or bell-shaped to vertical configurable. The diffuser is especially well suited for usage in shopping malls, sport halls, market halls, multipurpose halls and production halls because high air volumes can be moved easily. Installation can be done flush with ceiling or freely suspended.


The KRL is a radial flow diffuser with a perforated front panel. The air flow occurs through rigid diffuser-like air guiding elements to create radial horizontal jets. The front-sided perforation ensures an even air flow. The special construction guarantees a high air flow at low sound power levels. The front panel is mounted by a central screw (size 800 with additional screws at the edges).


The IBD is a special diffuser designed for having high vertical or horizontal throw distances, depending on application. The diffuser is equipped with high-speed nozzles that achieve high induction and high throw distances at low sound levels. Due to the compact construction and the high, specific flow rates, the diffuser is primarily suited for use in special projects.


The ventilation grille RQL consists of rigid, square aluminium bars with a surrounding frame. The mounting is done by screws through the frame.

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