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Field of application Shipbuilding Client Meyer Werft GmbH & Co. KG, Papenburg Planning Office Meyer Werft GmbH & Co. KG, Papenburg Executive Company SLT Schanze Lufttechnik GmbH & Co. KG

The cruise ship “Anthem of the Seas” has been equipped with innovative air conditioning: RBL long throw jet diffusers, IBD slot diffusers, VQA low velocity diffuser as well as a custom outer protection grille made of AlMg3.

Deployed Products


The slot diffuser VZ-15 is a linear diffuser with a system width of 15 mm, especially well suited for nearly invisible incorporation into ceiling panels and shadow joints as a single diffuser or as a continuous run. The diffuser can be used for supply as well as exhaust air and is suited for constant and variable volume flows in rooms with ceiling heights from 2,70 m to 4,00 m at temperature differences of +10 K and -12 K.


The slot diffuser RBF is a linear diffuser with a system width of 22 mm, intended for wall and ceiling mounting. The diffuser can be manufactured with one to four slots suitable for modular or continuous runs.


The VQA is an innovative low velocity diffuser with variably adjustable outflow geometry meeting the highest of aesthetic demands. The selectable outflow surfaces are rectangular, round, half-round, flat-round, quarter-round, hexagonal, half-hexagonal, quarter-hexagonal, special surfaces are possible. The perforated front plates are invisibly mounted to a connecting unit with a round or rectangular spigot and interior distribution elements. They can be disassembled from the room side without a problem in order to adjust the jet geometry or for cleaning purposes. There are no visible screws or other mounting systems. Certified in accordance with the DVI 6022 and SWKI VA-104-01 guidelines.


DSM are design elements made of drawn stainless steel in different forms and arrangements of the structural edges that are welded invisibly to the support profiles. A variety of different free flow areas are available, making it possible adapting to specific needs. The elements can be created in rectangular, round or arched forms in flat or three-dimensional structures with a vertical or horizontal arrangement of the individual pieces.


The IBD is a special diffuser designed for having high vertical or horizontal throw distances, depending on application. The diffuser is equipped with high-speed nozzles that achieve high induction and high throw distances at low sound levels. Due to the compact construction and the high, specific flow rates, the diffuser is primarily suited for use in special projects.


The RBL is a rectangular pivotable long throw jet diffuser that can achieve long throw distances at very low sound power levels. The diffuser consists of rotatably mounted half-cylindrical hollow-chamber profiles with large integrated air guiding blades mounted in a frame.

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