Air flow laboratory

For investigating, collecting and visualizing relevant ventilation data SLT maintains a research and development facility with over 250 m² of floor space. The 12 m seamlessly adjustable ceiling is virtually unique in Germany. By means of the laboratory, characteristics and functions of newly developed unit or concepts can be determined and tested under specific conditions in order to present intelligible lab reports for the user.
Each and every diffuser or air conditioning concept that deviates from the standard in some way is individually tested in our laboratory. With extensive and technically sophisticated equipment, data such as flow rates, local velocities, temperatures as well as noise pressure levels of fans and other components can be determined. Many different room configurations can be simulated and their respective climatic parameters can be determined due to the seamlessly adjustable ceiling. Likewise the flow characteristics and air movements of diffusers of all types can be monitored and assessed as well as visualized and documented (series of photos or videos) by using fog.


Our services

  • Customer specific solutions and demonstrations
  • Room flow experiments
  • CFD-simulations
  • Transient building simulation
  • Air flow simulation
  • Experimental measurements

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