RNT square ceiling diffuser

The RNT is a square ceiling diffuser blowing out four-sided with diffuser-like rigid blades and a blind frame. The installation is done via a central attachment. The RNT is available in multiple variants. Different structural shapes (square or rectangular) or different airflow geometries (discharging one-, two-, three- or four-sided) can be chosen.



Product Square ceiling diffuser Finish Steel, powder-coated in white (RAL 9010) Flow rate 120 m³/h - 3000 m³/h Sizes 277, 327, 377, 427, 477, 527, 577, 595, 620


Function and effect

The diffuser-like blades create an evenly spread horizontal jet with high induction. As a result the supply air and the room air mix rapidly, velocity and temperature differences are reduced rapidly.


Accessories and optional finishes

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